Crooked Creek 5th Grade Parents:

We are kicking off a new fundraiser this year using the ‘Snap!’ program that allows us to use email, social media and text messaging to quickly raise money for the 5th Grade Experience trip to Chicago on May 11. 

This fundraiser runs from Feb 12 – Mar 11, and earns directly
towards your child’s trip fee (or yours as a chaperone!)*

All that is asked of each participant is that they gather 20 or more email addresses of family, friends & potential supporters that may be willing to donate to our cause. Your contacts are strictly private & protected; they will simply receive a personalized donation request on behalf of your student during our fundraiser. 

Snap! Raise is a simple money donation – unlike many of our other fundraisers, there are no products to sell or to distribute. But like other traditional fundraisers, a percentage of the money raised will be kept by Snap! Raise for administrative fees. For this reason, we encourage as many families to participate as they can. The more students we have participate, the bigger the percentage that we receive. (For example: If we have 85 or more students and parents participate, we keep 80%, but if we have fewer than 85 students participate, we only keep 73%.)

Our fundraiser campaign kick off is this Wednesday, Feb 12;
we ask that you please complete these steps that evening:

  • Help your student select at least 20 potential supporters – see examples below
  • Visit and click “Sign Up” at the top of the page. Enter your child’s profile information and photo when prompted. If you are planning to chaperone, create a separate profile for yourself if you plan to raise funds for your own trip.
  • Enter our join code: 955-748-573 
  • Enter a minimum of 20 email addresses. (“Snap!” has tested this with thousands of groups and have found that sending 20 emails produces optimal results)
  • Follow the steps in the pop-up share wizard to share with additional contacts via Facebook & text message

Thank you for all of your continued support!

Jenn Maple – 5th Grade Experience Co-Chair

*Please allow a week after the completion of the campaign for funds to be credited to your Educational Destinations account (be sure to register your child for the trip on the Educational Destinations website!) If you raise enough money to cover your student’s individual trip fees, and yours (if you are chaperoning), any additional money you raise will be added to the group fundraising account, which goes toward bringing down the cost for all students.

Here are 20 examples of people your student should consider adding. (‘Snap!’ has tested this with thousands of groups and have found that sending 20 emails produces optimal results.) This list should include many of your child’s biggest fans and needs to be completed in full to ensure our campaign is set up for success. It is our hope and expectation that each student will have a major impact on our program. Please avoid using emails of teachers, peers of your students, or strangers.

    • Parent/Guardian
    • Grandma/Grandpa
    • Aunts/Uncles
    • Parent/Guardian Co-Workers
    • Parent/Guardian Best Friend
    • Family Friends
    • Neighbors
    • Family Dentist/Doctor/Orthodontist
    • Coach/ Former coach
    • Church/Social leader
    • Scout/Troop leader
    • School Alumni
    • Local businesses that know you

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